Game Server - MU Online Season 6 Episode 15





START SERVER 20:00 (Moscow)GMT+3


Settings the server x50 REMASTERED:

Dynamic Experience: x50->x10

Master Experience: x10

Max Level: 400

Max Reset: 150

Zen for reset: 5kk*reset

Max Master Level: 500

Reset level: 400

Points for resets to all class: 500

Max Stats:32000

Points for level: 6 for all class.

Classes in game: BK, SM, ELF, SUM, MG, DL.

Creation DL/MG/SUM from 1 lvl.

Level for creating Guild: 250

The maximum member in th guild: 25

Guild alliance: OFF

Server economy: PvP/PVE events and Quest System.

The level to activate MU Helper: 1

OffExp-AFK system, pumping offline + FREE PickUp

Balance PvP/PvE: 

Add New skills for class: Sum, MG

Add New Master Tree

Add New Excellent options

Add Combo for all class

All two-handed weapons are now one-handed

Max 2 Excellent Option (3opt -DropBoss/Craft)

Removed class Rage Fighter


Events and PvE setting:


Added over 50 new bosses and event monsters for resp 24/7

Golden Invasion: 6/24hour

BC / DS: Limited for characters 3 times a day (VIP 4)

BC / DS events at any time every hour

Blood Castle: Max 25 character

Devil’s Square: Max 20 character (4 spot)

Spots in the locations: 6-7 monsters

New reward for Box of Kundun:+1;+2;+3;+4;+5;+6;+7;+8;+9;+10

New Golden Monster, New Box of Kundun +6;+7;+8;+9:+10

New system reward for class: Low, Mid, High Box


Game features:


New Custom Jewel Bank + jewel stack

New Flag system

New Skin system

Unique Master Tree system 100% Worked

Ruud and Hunt shop (No Donate)

New Two Anti-lag system in the game

FPS and Ping monitoring in the game

Anti-Cheat and Anti-DDoS Protection System

Anti-SpeedHack and Anti-Dupe system in the client game

New system upgrade Fenrir

The chest of the Guild

Guild Flag Display

New Rank icons

New Monsters skills

New Auction system

New POST Item display

New Unique Quest System rewards

Five additional chests

Support for PvP options on all things

Loyal Premium System(VIP)

100% Work Balance PvP and PvE.

Working Reward for voting in Wcoin

AutoParty and Partyleader and Reconnect system

Party Search system in the game

Search Store System in the game

Panda[pet] and Skeleton[pet] were deleted from the game.

Jewel of Ancient : OFF.

Jewel of Excellent : OFF.

All Options in game : OFF.

FO items in game : OFF.

Web Donate Shop: OFF.

Armor, Wings, Weapon for Donate: OFF.

Elimination of errors in the game as soon as possible.

Experienced team of administrators.

Work of technical support 24/7.

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